11 Winter Essentials For Women

11 Winter Essentials For Women

11 Winter Essentials For Women

Winter will be here before you know it. In fact, it might even already be showing itself in your area with chillier weather and darker evenings. Check out these helpful winter essentials to get you prepared for the coldest season of the year.

Creams, lotions and serums

Moisture is going to be so important this winter, not only because winter brings dry weather, but also because of the potential for being indoors for extended periods of time. You can help replenish from within by upping your water intake, but it is just as important to keep your delicate skin moisturized with creams, lotions, serums and oils. There are plenty of options available for various skin types, and you might even need to double up on products if your skin is especially dry and cracked.

Frosty palette

Frosty palette

It might be time to update your makeup because purple is the new smokey eye this winter. Go wild or keep it muted, but let that frosty, wintry, purple smokey eye help you feel confident and trendy this season. Pair it with the messy eyebrow look that has taken over this fall, and your makeup will really be shining!

The perfect winter coat

Are you ready to make a statement while out and about in the cold? Neutrals are popular for winter wardrobes, so why not add a pop of color to your coat to turn heads and bring some light to those dark winter days? Mixing a cerulean or lighter blue with a naturally colored ensemble can really pop this winter.

TLC for hair

TLC for hair

Have you ever experienced dried-out, split ends? How about the fun dilemma of dry, brittle hair but an oily scalp? For those who have any dryness in their hair, it is important to switch up the products you use in the colder months. Check out moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and hair masks that also clarify to avoid product buildup.

Boots in fashion

Great boots are a winter essential. The Chelsea Boot is still fashionable this year and very practical. Check out chunkier-soled boots this winter for a trendy look and plenty of support in snowy areas. It should be all about comfort and practicality as we head into winter.

The perfect scent

Like many other things this year, the fragrance world has pushed back a lot of exciting launches due to the current pandemic. As manufacturing returns, winter may see some of these great new fragrances ready and raring to go. If you are doing most of your shopping online these days, take a look at what scent notes are in the new perfumes and compare them to your all-time faves to ensure you get something perfect for you.

Sun-kissed without leaving the house

With warmer days and sun-kissed cheeks months away, it is a great time to really up your contour game. A warm-toned and glowy—almost dewy—look can bring a little boost to your makeup look and help remind you of summer days.

Sweater weather

Sweater weather may already be upon us, but it will continue into winter for that full comfort level. We are all looking for ways to feel content and warm as this year comes to an end. Use trendy, oversized, textured sweaters in neutral colors to get you into the spirit.

Lips: bold and natural

A lot of the time, your lips may be covered by a face mask or a scarf in the wintry cold, but for the times your lips can really shine, why not grab some matte lipstick? That’s right: the '90s matte bold yet natural lip trend is still relevant and going strong.

Cozy and comfy robe

The trend of being cozy continues as you reach for a brand new robe. Try a different texture, like popular velour, to feel warm and pulled together at the same time. Long, short, hooded or not, it’s all up to you.

Hand care

Hand care

Don’t forget your hands and nails for moisture replenishment! Inside, the heaters in your home or workplace can really dry out your skin, not to mention the numerous time you are likely washing and sanitizing them. Keep your nails in good shape with some scented cuticle cream. Leave some by the sink so you remember to reapply often!

When winter gets in full swing, you’ll be ready to put your best face forward with these essential items. Fight the cold, add a little color to your days, and be as comfy and cozy as possible to make it through the dark winter nights curled up inside.